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Marist Spirituality

 to make jesus christ known and loved in the way of mary.

Marists belong to one of the rich spiritual families in the Church. Their personal faith, manner of sharing in the mission of the Gospel and means of forming Christian community are all shaped by the spiritual way introduced into the life of the Church by Marcellin Champagnat and the early Brothers, and developed by successive generations of Marists. Key among the formative influences that shaped his spirituality was Marcellin’s personal experience of being loved intensely by Jesus and called by Mary.

Using Mary as model, Marists imitate her faith response to God and share in her work of bringing Christ-life to birth and nurturing its growth in young people.  Marist spirituality impels today’s Marists out into the hill country of young people’s lives, filled with hope and joy, bringing them news of the justice and mercy and faithfulness of God. Like Mary, first disciple, Marists centre their lives on Jesus, and their hearts are moved by the young.

The Institute’s document on Marist Spirituality, Water From the Rock lists six characteristics of Marist Spirituality:

  • God’s presence and love

  • Trust in God

  • Love of Jesus and his Gospel

  • In Mary’s Way

  • Family Spirit

  • Simplicity

There are many writings that underpin the Marist life, tradition and mission which you can find here.

Constitutions and Statutes 

Water from the Rock 

Gathered around the same table 

Evangelisers in the midst of youth

In the footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat - A vision for Marist Education Today 

A Heart that knew No Bounds - Br Seán Sammon

He Gave Us the Name of Mary - Br Emili Turú

Montagne: The Dance of Mission - Br Emili Turú

For further publications from the Marist Brothers, please visit the Marist Brothers Institute website.