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Royal Commission Response into Abuse

The Marist Brothers Australia are committed to helping those who have suffered abuse in the past, find healing in their lives today.

To that end, we encourage anyone who may have suffered past abuse to contact the Professional Standards Office of the Marist Brothers on +612 9218 4000 for assistance from our skilled team.

Our commitment also extends to fully cooperating with authorities in the investigation of abuse, no matter where or when it may have occurred.

We strongly urge any person who has any evidence of criminal conduct to contact their local police and report it so that it can be appropriately investigated.

The Marist Brothers Australia fully support the important work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse in giving voice to those who have suffered abuse, identifying the causes of such abuse and recommending action now and for the future.

You can also read below, the various statements, responses and other material relating to these important subjects.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Standards - A Framework for MSA-Governed Schools

Child Protection Standards - A Framework for Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat

Information for Healing and Support of Survivors

Statement on the publication of the final report of Case Study 13 by the Royal Commission

Statement at Conclusion of the Royal Commission public hearings

Statement on Royal Commission

Letter to Marist Leaders on Royal Commission 

Letter to Marist Lay Colleagues on Royal Commission    


The Marist Brothers Province of Australia’s Child Protection PolicyKeeping Children Safe, governs how Brothers and employees engage in ministry with young people. The Policy is underpinned by the Gospel imperatives of truth, justice, compassion and reconciliation. It seeks to ensure that “any report or suspicion of abuse or endangerment is handled with compassion, promptness and integrity, in the interests of justice and reconciliation”. All Marist ministries are committed to complying with the principles, standards and protocols detailed in the document.

The Province is a signatory to the protocols developed by the Australian Catholic Church regarding professional standards in ministry. These are outlined in the documents, Integrity in the Service of the Church for Lay Workers and Integrity in Ministry for Clergy and Religious.

Towards Healing is the official statement that outlines principles and procedures to be used by Church authorities in responding to complaints of abuse against personnel of the Church in Australia.


If anyone wishes to bring a complaint of abuse against any member of staff, present or past, of a Marist school or other ministry, they may do so in any of the following ways:

  1. If the complaint relates to abuse of a child or young person, contact the police or relevant authority in your state. For urgent matters where a child is at risk of harm, contact the Police emergency number - 000 (all states).
  2. Contact the office of the Professional Standards Resource Group in your State or Territory:  

New South Wales/ACT         1300 369 977
Northern Territory                 0418 736 890
Queensland                           1800 337 928
South Australia                      1800 139 020
Tasmania                               1800 356 613
Victoria                                   1800 816 030
Western Australia                  1800 072 390

   3.   Contact the Principal / Director / Manager of the relevant Marist school or ministry.

   4.   Contact the Marist Brothers Professional Standards Officer, Mr Norm Maroney, on +612 9218 4000.

Please note when children are involved, many States have mandatory reporting provisions to the police or relevant state authority.

In November 2012, the Federal Government announced the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Subsequently, the Truth Justice and Healing Council was formed to coordinate the Church’s response to the Commission. It is committed to cooperation, openness, full disclosure and justice for victims and survivors.

The Marist Brothers are committed to:

  • supporting victims of sexual abuse and ensuring they are our first priority;
  • preventing abuse and the protection of all children and vulnerable people;
  • transparency, accountability and compliance with both cannon and civil law.


The Professional Standards Office of the Marist Brothers Province of Australia is located in Sydney and can be contacted by:

p   +612 9218 4000