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Currently there are over 230 Brothers living in 38 different communities across Australia,
working in a variety of  locations and ministries.

The  leader of the Province is the Provincial, who is appointed by the Superior General, after the Brothers of the Province have been consulted through a ballot called a sondage.

Every three years a special gathering of elected representatives is held. This gathering, called a Provincial Chapter, has the responsibility for reviewing the past three years and setting priorities for the next period. The Chapter also elects the group that assists the Provincial with leadership, called the Provincial Council.

On 20 April 2018, the Superior General of the Marist Brothers, Br Ernesto Sánchez Barba, announced that Brother Peter Carroll has been reappointed as Provincial of Australia for a second mandate of three years commencing 23 September 2018. In September 2018, the Province of Australia held its third Provincial Chapter where the following Brothers were elected as the current Provincial Council: Brothers Jeffrey Barrington, Darren Burge (Vice Provincial), Dennis Cooper, Greg McDonald, Graham Neist and Peter Rodney. 

From left to right: Br Greg McDonald, Br Graham Neist, Br Darren Burge (Vice Provincial), Br Peter Carroll (Provincial), Br Jeffrey Barrington, Br Dennis Cooper, Br Peter Rodney