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National Redress Scheme

At the Royal Commission in February 2017, the Marist Brothers committed publicly to a national redress scheme with the participation of every state and territory government, and this position is unchanged.

The Federal Government has announced the National Redress Scheme will start taking applications from 1 July 2018, although there are many steps to be completed before the Scheme can fully process applications across every state and territory.

The National Redress Scheme provides another way for people who have suffered abuse in institutions to seek help.

Any person seeking to lodge a claim under the National Redress Scheme must contact them directly on 1800 737 377.

You can also find information on their website by clicking here.

The Marist Brothers are not permitted to take any application for anyone seeking to pursue a claim through the National Redress Scheme. You must contact the scheme directly by calling 1800 737 377.

If you choose not to work through the National Redress Scheme, other options include:

  1.  Approaching institutions directly.
  2.  Pursuing a claim through civil litigation.

The Marist Brothers, and the Catholic Church, has provided redress for those who suffered abuse in our facilities for 20+ years.  Our existing approach is similar to what has been adopted by the National Redress Scheme and includes:

  1.  Counselling
  2.  Personal apology; and,
  3.  Monetary payments.

The Marist Brothers are committed to:

  • supporting victims of sexual abuse and ensuring they are our first priority;
  • preventing abuse and the protection of all children and vulnerable people;
  • transparency, accountability and compliance with both canon and civil law.

The Marist Brothers will continue to provide expert help and support through our Professional Standards Office to any person who has suffered abuse in any of our facilities. 



The Professional Standards Office of the Marist Brothers Province of Australia is located in Sydney and can be contacted by:

p   +612 9218 4000